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2010 edge 6 disc radio to dvD navigation system


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Hi Guys! I am new here, and i need you help, i just bought a 2010 edge limited and it doesnt come with a navigation system, attached is a picture of what is my edge have right now, if i buy a navigation system, how hard would it be to install? and will everything works? thanks.


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My 09 mkx was originally equipped with this setup from the factory. The original purchasers wanted navigation and the dealer swapped in a nav unit (drops the CD/DVD player to a single disk version). Don't see why you just couldn't pick up a nav unit off Ebay and swap it. Does your vehicle have OEM GPS?

If it were me, I would stop by the local dealer's parts dept and ask then what would be needed. (Probably have to get the service dept involved in programming anyway.)

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The "Limited" has SYNC so yes, I have GPS. The "Limited" has a Premium 9 speaker system. That should be all I need to get started with an OEM NAV unit.


I found a couple of web sites that sell OEM NAV unit kits, new or refurbished - 4Dtech and OEMautopartsco

Seems legit but they are asking almost $2K! :spend:

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