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'08 front suspension knock

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Our '08 Edge FWD Limited, has a knock in the front suspension. It feels like a stabilizer bushing but they look and and feel ok. It ONLY happens when either the left or right wheel hits a bump or pothole. When I go over a speed bump with BOTH wheels, there is no knock, so the noise is associated with individual wheel movement.


I suspected it may be a spring seat but that would make a noise at depression with a wheel movement, left, right, or both wheels.


Back to the stabilizer bar bushings. I got under the Edge the other day and tried taking the bolts loose. Tried is the optimum word. No luck. I broke one ratchet wrench and socket (Snapon, if it makes any difference). Interestingly, I cant find these bushings anywhere at any of our local auto parts stores and the Ford dealer says they dont stock them(!).


I'm tempted to get a set of 33mm performance bushings and get out my trusty 1/2" breaker and 15mm socket and have at it!



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I finally got too frustrated and went ahead with the struts and mounting plates. KYB struts and MOOG bearing plates from Rockauto.com and about 4 hours of my time and the problem is gone. Not to mention that it rides better too, not that it was bad to begin with.


Now all I have to fix is a hard transmission shift at very low speeds and load, like when driving around a corner from a stoplight. It bangs into second gear instead of a controlled shift. Increasing the load cures the hard shift. Different thread this time.

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The local dealership didnt acknowledge any TSB when asked. This is the standard answer I get even when I know there are others with previous vehicles we've taken in. When I bring in the TSB number, they say it only applies to certain vehicles and act surprised when I confirm that ours was included (three previous Explorers, one Lincoln Town Car and one Lincoln MKZ).


As for if this vehicle is included in a TSB, I havent pursued it and it doesnt happen all the time. My Edge has 120,000 troublefree miles on it and I would be surprised if I get a TSB notice.

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For what its worth, when I changed air filters this past week, I found that the duct hose connecting the air filter to the intake manifold was loose. The Edge has had a hard to pin down vibration felt through the throttle pedal along with the harsh shift. I dont know how it was loose but its been that way for quite a while.


Tightening the hose clamp seems to have solved the vibration and as a side benefit it seems like the trans shift problem has gone away too. The mass air flow sensor is tied into everything it seems.

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