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Tallahassee Ford, advice

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Yesterday I took my 2012 edge se in to Tallahassee Ford in Florida to repair a leaking power steering banjo fitting. When I got it back and got home (by this time dealership was closed) and had a chance to look at what they did I found the power steering fluid resevoir filled up well above the max level (and even a bit of fluid on top of the resevoir that had leaked out the cap). The fluid is supposed to be between min and max when the car is at normal operating temperature, and it says right on the cap of the resevoir not to over-fill. I know over filling can cause damage to pump seals and pressure lines. Also, the mechanic did nothing to clean up the power steering fluid that had leaked on the underside of the chasss (and all over the driver side control arm and rubber control arm bushing) so there is a ton of power steering fluid all over the place under the car.

I called them back and let them know what the deal was and I will be going back to them tomorrow. It's raining too bad here today to go back today. I'm fairly confident they will get this all taken care of correctly I'm just wondering what I should ask for in compensation for them not doing the job correctly in the first place, and also for the pain of having to go back another day and take more time off of work. Any advice? This was all warranty work so I don't have any money in it. Anyone with similar experience?





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It's a shame that you need to clean up after a mechanic makes a mess, but it's less aggravating to just do it and not have to see them again. I do almost everything myself so there is no one to blame but me.

Make sure to complain to the service manager next time your there and inspect before you leave. The complaint may have and effect and get filtered down to the proper person.

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