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New Edge shopper.


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Hello all,

Currently I'm shopping for the perfect Edge.

It'll be used, 2011-2014 with less than 40,000 miles.

It MUST be Ford CPO.

And it MUST have the intelligent key.


I'm finding it hard to find in this combination, with a preferrebly dark color (Kodiak or Black)


So I'm here to go through search overload!


Mike from Michigan

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I'm just curious what price range you are looking to find something in? I don't know if you are finding the vehicle you want and the price is too high, or if you just can't find the vehicle. Have you tried searching using the cars.com site? You can do an advanced search and select color, years, miles, how far away from your zip code to search, price, and even certified vehicles.


Don't get stuck on having to buy just a certified dealer vehicle. My 2013 with all the options and miles you are looking for except the color would not be sold as a dealer certified because I would sell it privately (if I were to sell it).


However, I do have the Ford ESP Premium Care Warranty with 0 deductible and good until 72 months or 100000 miles. This could be passed on to the new buyer as part of the selling price. I almost guarantee a private sale with the warranty or a warranty you could add when you buy it, would be less expensive than a dealer CPO price. I personally don't put much faith into a CPO vehicle just because the dealer is selling it as such. Too many stories of owners finding that the car didn't really have faults corrected, or that the inspection performed to certify the vehicle and ask a higher price, really weren't done to the standards suggested.


Make sure you not only shop for the best vehicle, but also for the best dealer if you are going to buy only from a dealer.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm looking at a Kodiak Brown at my local used car dealer (Not a Ford dealer), whom I've worked with before on my Explorer and F250. He's got a good price, and it has 302A package that I'm looking for.

Can I buy the Ford ESP after the fact even if I buy it at a non-Ford dealer? It's a 2013 with 22,000 miles.


Frankly, this little mom and pop dealer has treated me more than fair in the 14 years we've been working together and would love to give him the business.

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I think you may still be able to buy the Ford ESP new warranty until the bumper to bumper warranty of 36 months or 36000 miles is exceeded. I belong to another car forum (GM brand) and someone there had just bought a used Acadia and got the Ford used car ESP.


Do some checking around or call one of the online specialists that sell the Ford policies. I dealt with Anderson Koch Ford when I bought mine and they were great to deal with. I called with several questions, and had answers within a day if not immediately.




Search the forum for other dealers that other owners have had great service and prices from.

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Well, coming back to finally follow up. Was going to wait until spring, but our faithful Explorer, that served us well for 12 years finally gave up the ghost (major valvetrain failure), so I pulled the trigger.

I'm the very happy owner of a 2012 Limited in Tuxedo Black with 29,000 miles, and every single option available!

We got her from the same dealer that sold us our Explorer back in 2003! Great people, and glad to give them the business.Nu1eWA2.png?1

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