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PTU and Seals?


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Hi everyone - I'm ordering a new ptu online - my friend who is installing it (and also a mechanic) said I need the axle seal also (goes in behind the ptu)? Having a tough time finding it - anyone happen to know the part number for this? Or proper name for it for searching purposes?


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Which site are you looking at? Here are pics of the axle side of the PTU:



There was an extension of warranty for PTUs in the Middle East. There are part numbers for the seals in there, hope that helps also:



Part Number Description Quantity
AT4Z-7251-B Power Transfer Unit (PTU) with Drain Plug 1
7E5Z-7275-AC Output Shaft Seal Kit 1
8T4Z-7275-CD Intermediate Shaft Seal Kit (includes Cover Seal) 1
8T4Z-7275-DD Intermediate Shaft Seal Kit (does NOT include Cover Seal) 1
7T4Z-7086-A Compression Seal 1
7E5Z-7H469-C PTU Case Driver Gear Seal (Input Shaft Seal) 2


fordpartsgiant.com says the OSS Kit has been updated, so might want to inquire about it:

Ford Part Number: 7E5Z-7275-AC
KIT This genuine part is manufactured and warranty covered by Ford.
Manufacturer's Notes:
Replaced By:EB5Z-7275-A
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I would ask Benny in the LevittownFordSuperCenter thread. But the list I gave was for all the parts involved in that specific PTU update, not just the output shaft seal.


The Tasca site IS saying output shaft seal, but the part number looks like an Intermediate Shaft Seal per the Ford memo. So, pose the question to Benny to be sure. "Is it 7E5Z-7275-AC or 8T4Z-7275-CD?"

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I don't know the answer, but if you go to this site, select the 6F50 AWD transmission, then Driveline & Axles, and finally PTO & Components, you can see exploded diagrams of the area. I am thinking it is the flange you are referring to, connecting to the driveshaft?

WWWPerfA, do all of the Edge have the 6F50 transmissions? I see some of the parts sites ask if you have the "6F" or the "6F50" so how do I know what transmission I have?

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