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Not all MP3s play.. nothing seems to be in common

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I have a 64GB sd card in my Edge with about 400 songs on it, however only about 300 show. They are all various bitrate MP3s... no other format that I am aware of.. unless there is a sub formatting or the bitrate matters, I can't really find anything in common.. except for one whole artist I got from the same source doesn't work.


I heard it might be an update issue... so I downloaded the latest version from Ford and when I plugged in the ?USB drive it registered and began the process only to stop and say it is already on the latest version.


Any ideas?

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I'm using a SanDisk Cruzer Fit 64GB with 7,368 mp3's in 1,610 folders and subfolders. Not all 100% of my 7,368 mp3 show up either.


I've read where a owner had a ext 2.5" USB HDD that held >50,000 mp3 on it and reported no issues. With that many files I'm sure he didn't realize some were MIA.


With 400 songs you shouldn't have to much trouble identifying which ones are MIA and then seeing what makes those files unique.




oh gezz .. I just stumbled across these .. SanDisk 64GB CZ43 Ultra Fit Series USB 3.0 Flash Drive $35.00 ebay.

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Thank you Rebecca! Let me stir the pot and make it a bit more interesting...


I tried re-downloading the main artist that wasn't showing up directly from his website. I double checked the mp3 tags to make sure they were solid with MP3tag, and then proceeded to download another artists's album. I did notice that my mp3 trimming program had


The new artist showed up, but the other one didn't. I plan on reformatting the SD card and moving everything back onto it to see if maybe there is some remnants of broken coding. But other than that.. any thoughts?


Also, for those who really know.. what are the formatting specifications that Sync/MyTouch allows?

MP3 only? Any limit to bitrate? etc etc?


My car was program and didn't come with a manual

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So.. there must have been an issue on the card. I had downloaded music straight from the artist page and new artists/albums would show, but ones that I replaced didn't. I copied all files to my hard drive and reformatted in exFAT. I loaded all the music back on and haven't seen it return as an issue.


Files are varying bitrate but none about 320kbps, all mp3 format.

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