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Removing Headrest DVD

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I'm looking to buy a used 2011 Edge SEL that's equipped with the factory DVD players however, I don't want them. The only reason I'm considering this particular vehicle is because it has everything else I'm looking for and blue Edges are apparently hard to come by these days. I asked the Ford dealership if they could remove them & replace them with standard headrests. First, they laughed at me and then told me it wasn't possible. I don't have kids and rarely have passengers so I have no need for the added feature not to mention I think they are ugly. Furthermore, a decrease in the price would be nice too. When I told the dealership I'd look elsewhere for a vehicle, they retracted & said they could swap the headrests out with another Edge they had on the property but there would be no decrease in price since I would now be paying to rewire both vehicles. Does anyone have any experience with removing & replacing these headrests? How much wiring would need to be reworked for this and is it something that a single girl can do on her own without calling home? Lol. Any help, suggestions, or insight would be appreciated

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Here is a post about installing the headrest DVD into a 2007 Edge. Should be very similar to removing one from your 2011. I think the hardest part will be getting the headrests out of the seats, and even that isn't hard at all. This write up with pictures should help you a lot. You might even have aftermarket ones in your 2011 unless you know the complete history of the vehicle. If I 'm not mistaken, the DVD headrests were always installed by the dealer and not at the factory.


Since the dealer really doesn't want to reduce the price if he takes them out, I would buy the vehicle with them. I would then remove them myself or go to Best Buy, Frys, or just about any car audio shop and have them remove them. I would be surpirsed if they charge over $100.00 to do so. I would them place a classified here and on Craigslist and sell them for $400.00 or more.


Owner's are always wanting to add these and I think you would have no problem selling them. Just make sure everything works before you remove them. You could have the person who buys them exchange their headrest with you or you would have to pick up some from a salvage yard or other source.




Link to the 2011 brochure showing the DVD as being by Invision on page 22. Do yours look like these?



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The 2011 Edge didn't have true "factory" DVDs, they were all installed at the dealer as ls973800 mentioned, so any dealer (or anyone with a bit of experience) can get them out and ready to be re-used in another vehicle. So I second the opinion to take the vehicle with them and work on a plan to resell them for a profit later on. If you could negotiate in a set of free base headrests from the dealer as part of the deal, you'd be even better off.

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