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DIY DVD Headrest Install with pics!

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Hi all, this is my first post to the forum since joining and I thought I would start with a step by step install of a pair of 9.2" Headrest monitors with an integrated DVD player. I have twin 2yr old boys who needed something to occupy their time in long car rides to daycare. This install was completed entirely by myself with simple hand tools and a intermediate knowledge of car wiring. My vehicle is a 2007 Ford Edge SEL with factory navigation and no factory entertainment system.


The set I purchased is the Bravo 9.2" Replacement Headrest Model HRS-090BPKG. It comes with two headrests which are available in black, tan or grey leather. The driver's side also includes an integrated DVD player that loads from the center console side of the headrest whereas the passenger side is just a monitor. There is a small fan on the driver's door side of the headrest but it's not noticeable in either looks or sound while the unit it installed and running. I chose this set because they offered, in my opinion, the easiest install as well as great color matching to my factory leather. The operation of the DVD player also leaves for fewer moving parts that the kids (or wife) can break. They also come with an integrated FM modulator in order to transmit the sound from the unit to my factory stereo and they are capable of supporting wireless headphones if I ever decide to add them. I also want to add that the driver's side (built into the panel that accepts the DVD) includes a USB port and SD memory card input. A full function remote control is also included.


I first purchased the pair at my local Fry's Electronics for $499.99 + tax ($540.49 out the door with AZ sales tax). When I got home I checked online for some reviews of it and happened to stumble upon Newegg.com where I found them on sale for $349.99 with free shipping. So I called Fry's to see if they would price match and after being placed on hold several times and transfered from one person to another, a manager looked them up and then told me the Newegg price was below their cost and they couldn't match it. So I told her I would be back in to return them. I then went back online and made the purchase from Newegg where I only spent the $349.99 (a savings of $190.50). I received the headrests 3 days later and started the install which I have documented to the best of my ability below.




To start, here is a picture of the DVD headrest (driver's side) next to the stock headrest. I have the factory black leather and as you can see, the color is almost identical. The only difference in finish is that the factory headrests have white stiching along the edges which the new ones do not (the stiching is black). I think this is barely noticeable.





Next, you need to remove the factory headrest by removing a small plastic retaining clip located at the bottom of one of the posts that go into the seat. There are a few other postings in this forum that I found which describe the best way to do this. My way invloves inserting a small metal pick into the opening and then gently lifting upwards while pulling towards you (I know, that sounded obscene :hysterical: )






Please note that the install of the new headrests into the seats is the same for both the driver's side and passenger side. My pictures display work on the passenger side.


Once the factory headrest is removed, you can start working on feeding the wire from the new headrest down into the opening of the post. This is quite simple and there was no worry of fitment as the guage of the wire is smaller than the hole. The hardest part is that once all the wiring was inside the seat, I needed to be able to pull it out from somewhere at the bottom. Just under where the back of the seat meets the bottom, there is a junction of leather from all angles attached to one another using plastic clips that run the width of the seat. In order to detach themselves from each other you need to try and pull slack in the leather/fabric of the back side while pulling on the leather/fabric from the bottom. Once you so this, the guts of the seat will be exposed as shown below.




You will now find a piece of thick, heavy cardboard attached to the frame of the seat. The cardboard itself is what prevents the wiring you just fed through that comes from the monitor, from just dropping into view. So....I must somehow detach it. Long ago I purchased a 'christmas tree' remover. It's a common upholstery / car audio install tool that allows you to remove that plastic fasteners that look like little christmas trees when removed. These fasteners are commonly used on door and other interior automotive panels. In this case, there are two of them located right at the bottom. Removing one wasn't enough to pull the wiring through so I had to remove both. You just simply push the tool under the top of the fastener and then wiggle it while pulling towards you (again I appologize for sounding obscene). Do this for both of them and you can then put your hand in between the cardboard and the seat in order to grab the wires. Pull them through and then replace the fasteners. You can then re-attach the leather / fabric in reverse of how you took it apart.







Presto! the monitor is installed. Do this for both sides and you can then move on to wiring.




The wiring harnesses themselves are very basic and well labeled. Each monitor came with an instruction manual that shows you how to hook them to one another as well as a secondary DVD player or game system if you so chose to add one. Simply match up the appropriately labeled male to female RCA connectors and you are done hooking the satellite monitor to the master DVD monitor. As a side note, I chose to just run the wiring from the passenger side along the bottom of the carpet (underneath the back of the center console) and then direclty into the B pillar on the driver's side where the RCA jacks meet up.






Next, pull off the driver's side scuff plate which runs from the fuse box under the dashboard, all the way back to the bottom of the B pillar.




Since there is a few feet of extra wiring coming from the DVD player/monitors, I chose to run the bulk of the extra wiring to right under the driver's side seat.





I ran my ground wires to the bolt holding the seat to the floor.




I recommend running the power wire to a wire from the vehicle that is swtiched on/off when you use the key in the ignition. This prevents accidental battery drainage from leaving the monitors on for an extended period of time. If you are going to install these monitors for show purposes and need them to run with the vehicle off, you can run the power wire to a constant 12V supply. In my case I needed the first scenario so I found a switchable wire coming from an aftermarket alarm system that the dealer had installed. The wire ended up being cream colored with an orange stripe. Even if you don't already have it accessible to you, I did see it jutting out prominately from the under dash fuse box.




From there, I ran the power wire back to under the driver's seat along the vehicle's factory wiring harness that runs the length of the doorway. I made sure to use wire ties so that vibration from driving doesn't cause the wire to wiggle around and get frayed from rubbing over time.




Last but not least put the scuff panel back in place and use some wire ties to keep the wiring bundle under the seat all nice and tidy. Also make sure that if you have the power seat option (as I did), that the wiring will stay clear of the motor as the seat moves back and forth. All said and done I tucked the wiring bundle far enough back to where you can only see it if you get down to the floorboard level and then look for it.


Let me know if you have any questions.




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Man, you rock !


I just bought DVD headrest for my kids and without this post I could not have done it. I looked everywhere on how to run the cables inside of the seats and you were the ONLY ONE out there that showed how to do it.


I am VERY THANKFUL you put the write up and the pictures.

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Thanks to your excellent instructions, I just switch my 2010 Ford Edge torture devices in 30 minutes to a pair of TView LCD headrests for just $199.00 (with Free shipping). Check out www.audiosavings.com. These are not DVD players, but have composite yellow, red and white connectors for each monitor. I ordered the black version and they look, work and most importantly, feel awesome. I did use an electrical wire fishing device to assist in running the wires. Afterward I purchased two 12 volt power adapter ($7.99 each) and soldered them to the red and black power leads. I also purchased a 2 socket pivoting accessory outlet adapter ($6.99). This way I simply plug in the monitors when I need them and tuck away the wires under the seat when I don't. I recommend this for ALL Ford Edge owners.

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Hey, just in case anyone is interested, I just ordered the same Bravo dvd headrest as "JEEPTWINS" above, and also from www.newegg.com, and right now thru the end of the month of March you can get another $50 rebate, which brings them to $299 for the set.


Copy and paste into your brouser - http://images10.newegg.com/UploadFilesForNewegg/rebate/SH/BRAVO82-011-008Mar8Mar3110jh28.pdf



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I just installed the same Bravo dvd headrests in my wife's Ford Edge. They look great but I have one major problem. The passenger side headrest (slave unit) does not want to display what the driver side headrest is playing. It has a blue screening saying No Signal. The passenger side is wired up correctly or the only way it can be wired. I cannot figure out how to make it work properly. Has anyone else had this problem?

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