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Loyalty Incentive?


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A friend went to a local Ford dealer looking at new Mustangs. He wants to replace the one that he crashed & totaled last year (only the car was damaged, not him!). So the dealer tells him that he may be able to get a loyalty discount, about $500, because of his old Mustang, maybe that is because it's not his anymore. Meanwhile I have a 2014 Edge on order at a different dealer, and my dealer tells me that there is no Ford loyalty incentive, there never was one, but everyone wishes there was. I most certainly wish there was (or is it Hope There Is) because we have a 2013 Fusion so I would presumably qualify.


So the $64,000 question is, is there or is there not any loyalty incentive for current Ford owners buying new Ford autos? Inquiring minds want to know.


Anyone from Ford have an answer?

Anyone get such an incentive on a recent purchase?


My Edge is due in within the next 2 weeks. I must admit I am glad it's not here yet on account of the Monster Snow we just got.post-32796-0-93476000-1416541395_thumb.jpgpost-32796-0-97697600-1416541414_thumb.jpg

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Best thing to do is have the dealership put you or your friends name into their system (I forget exactly what it is called, maybe GEM?). It will show every incentive that is available to you from Ford. When I bought my Edge I didn't have one of those $750.00 coupons that you can get by requesting brochures that Ford occasionally includes. However, the dealership did see that I was in the Ford system as being eligible for that $750.00, even without the coupon.


Might be too late, but there is a post on the forum about the coupon being available now in some brochures that you request. Those usually take several weeks to be mailed to you, so your best bet is to contact the dealer.


Good luck and let us know what you find out.

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