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edge won't start after driving to store


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If the battery is stone flat or shorted your not going to start it with a jump. You really can't pull enough amps through cables unless they are really heavy. When jumping a car the cables usually are used to just charge your battery from the host car. This is the time of the year for batteries to fail. Look at the dome light in your car when you are trying to crank it. If the light goes to nothing than your battery is dead. if the light hardly dims than it is probably the starter. Once the car starts check the voltage at the battery, It should be over 14V When the car is not running, it should read 12V. If your going to try jumpstarting your car, try leaving the donor car running for about 20 minutes while it is connected to your battery to charge your battery. when starting your car have the donor car revving at about 2000 rpm.

Good luck Paul

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My 07 edge wont start after coming out of the store, was in store for about 1 hr come out and wont start its dead. Try jumping start but seems like not getting enough juice it makes ticking noise but not turning over.

Welcome to the forum, mparis!



My name is Tricia, and I am the Ford Service rep. I’ll be here if you have any questions or concerns. I just want to reiterate certain areas where I may not be able to add much assistance: older/high-mileage vehicles, details about future vehicles that aren’t yet made public, vehicle modifications, and questions/concerns about in-vehicle technology.


Were you able to get your Edge to start again? If not, I recommend having it towed to your local Ford Dealer to be diagnosed. Ask to speak with a service manager. He’ll be in the best position to look into any warranty, assistance, recalls, or customer satisfaction programs that may apply to your vehicle.


Locate a dealer near you, and set up an appointment here.


Have a great day! :)



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