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Snow and cold and a new Edge in Chicago


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Hey all,


New '14 Edge owner from Chicago here. Previous vehicle was an '05 Crown Victoria which I totaled back in January. Wife has a '14 Explorer, so we're an all Ford household. This is my daily driver so I won't be doing any performance mods anytime soon, but I hope to install factory remote start that i've already bought off e-bay and maybe paint the grill and trim.

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Welcome to the community, and congrats on the '14 Edge! Glad you could keep it in the Ford family :) What trim level, AWD, color? Put up some pics of your rides when you can ...


You've probably already seen this thread:


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Yes, actually googling remote start brought me here. I had no idea it was so easy to add remote start to our vehicles. The kit only cost me $100, but it seems that cutting two keys and having a Ford dealer activate it is gonna cost another $150, give our take a couple bucks.


Anyways, it's an SEL, Tuxedo blk metallic ext, med light stone leather interior, AWD(mandatory) with Leather comfort pkg, rearview camera and 18" chrome clad wheels.


All in all, I love it so far. Definitely better in the snow than the Crown Vic.

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