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Looking For Extended Warranty - 2013 Edge w/ 70,000 Miles


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Hi Folks,

We are looking for an extended warranty for my wife's 2013 Ford Edge. It currently has approx 70,000 miles on it.


Can you recommend any extended warranties?


The Ford ESP is not available for this vehicle because it has too many miles.


I know there are a lot of them out there but I want to narrow down my choices to the "better" ones. I recieved a quote from Atlas Car Protection and I thought it was pretty expensive.

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I agree set the money aside and go from there. I have an extended warranty and those folks work extremely hard not to have to pay anything. Then it takes forever for them to make a decision when the time comes to actually pay along with verifications, tests, etc etc etc.

The only good ones are the Ford ESPs. The rest are iffy at best.


Just take whatever you would have spent on that warranty and put it aside. You'll come out better in the long run anyway.

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My sister-in-law (wife's sister) had a extended warranty with a company that was a "outsider" and to put it bluntly, they covered SHIT. First occurance was the throttle body, was not covered, but if it was a Ford Premium Care, it would have been covered. She had another issue with a repair that wasn't covered. Two repairs cost her about $2,100, plus the cost of $ 1,300 for the warranty, blown out the window. Stay away from outsiders, unless it lists everything in writing what is covered.

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