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Vibrating only under acceleration?


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I changed my CV joints, as well as sway bar links recently, and now that i'm back on the road, i'm getting a pretty bad vibration that happens only at low speeds, and while accelerating.


Usually between 15-30 MPH, and only when accelerating, never when slowing down, or slowly taking off.


The best comparison I can give is when you drive over some of those rumble strips on the side of a highway. It never happens at any other speeds, and doesn't even happen every time. Those 2 factors are the only 2 common denominators I can find with it.


I was searching around other forums, and some people said they replaced the CV axles and had the issue, and its because they were cheap replacements, but I cant imagine this being normal/acceptable from "cheap" parts.


I haven't gotten back under to check, but I did read on ONE post on this forum about a bad bearing in the (Name slips my mind, the bearing that supports the passenger side CV, that you have to take off to swap joints), Im wondering if I possibly (Very doubtful, since I triple checked everything, but i'm only human) left those bolts loose. I hope its something simple like that.



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Usually in my past with other vehicles the shaft is not as round as it needs to be so to speak. Any slight bend will cause the vibration. It is really bad at lower speeds but tends to become less with higher speeds. I had a car with this problem and drove really slow or really fast just to avoid the shaking. LOL

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akirby- Thats one of the forums I read over when I searched. Im sick as a dog right now so i'm not really feeling the whole "bundling up, going out in this lovely windy 5 degree weather and checking" right now, will post back later/tomorrow when I do check.


macbwt- Thats kind of what I was figuring, its not perfectly balanced I suppose. Hopefully were wrong, and its that loose bearing/support, but after reading some more, I would put money on the damn axle. Of course I cant tell what side it comes from, so this is fun. Didn't wanna tear all this down again. I don't think the bolts on the outer tie rod ends are there enough to withhold being taken off and put back on again. Threads were pretty thin when I reinstalled them. Couldn't break them loose to replace them either though. Damnit.



Oh well, if thats all it is, its gonna stay like that until Spring. My drive is all highway anyways.

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I have an idea for the PTU. They have reservoirs for the coolant, brake fluid, power steering etc. Why not just design in a reservoir for the PTU fluid? Simple line with a plastic holding bottle and just let it expand up in to the tank then suck it back down when it cools. Might be a great after market idea? anyone?

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