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looking for a sport

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i am looking for a 2011 or newer white edge sport with awdand panoramic roof. i have been looking on craigslist, ebay, cars.com and carmax. any other places you guys look for cars? i know i am going to have to travel i live in a small town in oregon. Thanks

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how much better do these cars drive with AWD vs FWD? i live in an area where we dont get snow. AWD might benefit very rarely when on a road trip but harsh conditions are almost always avoidable. Is awd better for cornering? not sure if i should exclude all the front wheel drive cars i keep seeing. thanks

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If you a] don't face very slippery conditions and b] pay attention/don't drive aggressively and c] have great all-season or season-appropriate tires with good depth on the Edge, FWD should be just fine. Good tires are a MUST.


AWD does give you more control of the vehicle should it slip, as all 4 wheels can be controlled rather than just the front two. I think the AWD is primed, but not really active until there is a loss of traction situation. Here in MD, it is common to have road surfaces with varying degrees of traction, whether it's due to leaves & grass clippings or oil slicks or snow/slush/ice all at the same time. While driver involvement is still important, it's nice (to me) to have that little extra comfort zone, insurance if you will. This is my first AWD in many, many years of driving. Maybe you can tell on the 2011+ when the system is working, I don't think you can on the 2007-10.

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