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Motor failure after waterpump replacement


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I'm looking for any information on a motor failure after a water pump replacement.

I have a 2007 Edge that I bought new. Oil changes done every 3000 miles.

At 90,000 I got a terrible screeching noise, almost like a loose belt. Car stalled and leaked all the antifreeze. I had it towed to my local Ford Dealer to find that the water pump needed to be replaced. I was also told that it is internal and is driven off the timing chain this means its a 1700 dollar job, 15 hours of labor. I did have the job done at the dealer.

Right around 92000 miles on a family vacation 13 hours away from my house the car died on the highway. Again had it towed to the local Ford Dealer to be told I have a bent connecting rod and will need a long block for 7100 dollars. I did not have this work done.

I am posting here trying to get some advice. The car ran fine before the water pump went and I believe that the timing chain wasn't put back on correctly or the new pump was leaking antifreeze into the oil.

Ford will not help with the repair and the dealer only wants to know if the car overheated, that answer is no. I understand that things happen with a big motor repair like a water pump but why should I have to pay for someone else's mistake. I did file a formal complaint with Ford against the dealer and I'm in the process of getting the car shipped the 700 miles home.

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I agree its going to be hard to prove. I'm having the car shipped to the dealer I bought it from for a second opinion. I don't know if there is antifreeze in the cylinder. I'm really at a loss as to what to do at this point. I like the car and wanted to give it to my son very soon, thats why i went ahead and did the 1700 dollar water pump in the first place. Instead I feel like I paid it to have the motor wrecked.

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They changed the belt not the chain. We drove the car for 13 hours the day it died. Stalled on the highway after about 5 hours of driving when traffic stopped in front of me but it started right up. I did notice that it was idling funny, not smooth. I blamed the air temp change, we were driving south. It was -4 at my house and it was 40 degrees warmer by now.

No lights on the dash and the computer said everything was ok.

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A bent rod hydro lock sure sounds resonable. My mother had that happen due to a faulty fuel injector that blew the engine. Hot engine and then a fairly sudden introduction of water in combination to turning it to steam in the cylinder. I just had a conversation with my local dealer on engine replacement and a full replacement with a used engine is far cheaper than repairing it if something does go wrong. Plus I get a 12k warranty.

It's going to be hard to prove that it was a faulty repair 2000 miles ago. I assume the root cause of the bent rod was a broken timing chain? Or was there fluid in the cylinder?

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