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2015 sport what type oil from factory


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Don't know about the 2015, but general practice is to put in breakin oil (usually a straight weight oil like SAE 30) at the factory, and when you change it out, change with the oil spec'd in the owner's guide, in this case, 5W30 synblend or full synthetic.


EDIT: This thread may shed some light albeit for the F150:



EDIT: the OG doesn't say anything either. All it talks about is this:


You need to break in new tires for
approximately 300 miles (480
kilometers). During this time, your vehicle
may exhibit some unusual driving
Avoid driving too fast during the first 1000
miles (1600 kilometers). Vary your speed
frequently and change up through the
gears early. Do not labor the engine.
Do not tow during the first 1000 miles
(1600 kilometers).


Note: In order to allow a break-in period for
your vehicle, you may not be able to create
a Vehicle Health Report until your vehicle
odometer has reached 200 miles.


Calculating Fuel Economy
Do not measure fuel economy during the
first 1000 miles (1600 kilometers) of
driving (this is your engine’s break-in
period); a more accurate measurement is
obtained after 2000 miles - 3000 miles
(3200 kilometers - 4800 kilometers).

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Any documentation as to this fact? Or is it "privileged" information? :)


Nothing privileged - just multiple reports on numerous web sites from techs and some employees that there is no special break in oil. Also the fact that the owner's manual doesn't mention it and there is no special procedure or warning against changing the factory fill too early, etc.

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Two points on oil in a brand new car:


1. ALWAYS check the oil level before driving off the dealer lot. Don't assume that your new car with 25 miles on the odometer has adequate oil. Don't assume that the dealer checked it in prep. Check it yourself.


2. Check the oil level several times over the first 500 miles. A new engine can burn a half-quart in the first 400-500 miles, before the rings seat, even with modern machining techniques. You are probably going to have to add oil before the first oil change, so if the factory put in magic break-in oil made from unicorn horns, it is going to have to be diluted with regular oil anyway.

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I found that penzoil syn has a a better resistance

rating than mobil 1 syn


I saw that too. If it weren't for my lack of patience, I would have waited for the Penzoil. The prices on Amazon were good but had a delayed delivery date. I went with Mobil 1 this time. Next time I'll go with Penzoil Ultra.

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I have been using Motorcraft Synthetic Blend, in all my Ford vehicles (2011 6.2 gas F350, 2008 3.5 Edge, 2013 2.0 EB Escape, and 2013 5.0 Mustang) Oil consumption is very low to virtually none used between oil changes. I change my own oil, and the oil itself is generally very clean at 5000-6000 miles. We do have to drive on some gravel roads where we live. I use Motorcraft filters. I buy both at WalMart because I am cheap! I have never changed my oil "early" on the first change, just my normal interval.

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