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Sunroof gaskets


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Have a factory ordered 2011 Edge Limited AWD, fully loaded except of the rear seat DVDs and roof rack since it has a sliding sunroof.

The sunroof inner gaskets on both side are off-track. Dealer wants to replace them at a cost of $141.00 each plus labor and taxes.

Exhorbitant cost for replacing two gaskets that are off-track. Dealer advisor also stated that "these gaskets have been a problem with this model" hence understood as a bad design issue.


Have tried to figured how the gaskets are installed but it is an "accordion gasket" and when seated as soon as the sunroof is open the gaskets goes off track.


Have the dealers extended service warranty, PremiumCare- 84 months, and was told this is not covered.


Appreciate a company Edge moderator comments.


Thanks in advance,


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So I had one of mine replaced under warranty. And it is fine now. The driver side came loose a few days ago. All that I did was pinch along the entire black channel that snaps to the aluminum frame. Then I pressed it on and it is nice and snug. Don't waste your time at the dealer if your not in warranty. Ohh and it's not a gasket but more of a appearance thing. It is there to hide the BAMR mechanisms.

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Thanks for your input. Have been wrestling with the gaskets trying to snap them back on but they keep coming out. What really pulls my cork is that having a "PremiumCare" warranty that is supposed to cover bumper-to-bumper for 84 months does not cover just about anything the best I can tell. Guess that's what I have to expect when the electronics go out. I am getting them replaced but I am also going to follow through with Ford for 2 reasons: 1. Defective design and 2. False advised on the extended bumper-to-bumper warranty the dealers pushes that I purchased based on the dealer's recommendations because all the computers system in this CUV.

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1 - it doesn't matter whether something is a defective design or not - the warranty terms still apply even to known defects or design flaws. Otherwise it would be a limited lifetime warranty against defects.


2 - If the dealer told you the Ford Premium ESP was a bumper to bumper warranty then they lied. Ford publishes exactly what is covered by the Premium ESP in their documentation and on the website. Nowhere is it represented as bumper to bumper. It does cover a lot of things, but not everything.


Here is some more information. You don't have to guess at what is covered.



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