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2013 Edge Vista Roof Closes Completely but Slow

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Ive seen some of the other threads on this but have a question. So Ive seen the re-initilization process and the how to cleaning the tracks video and about the motors in the older edges seeming to be too weak and failing.


My vista roof opens fine and starts closing fine. But then about the time it gets to the popup window deflector it slows a lot. I just hit 60K and have had the car only about 2 months.


Does anyone know if this is now "normal" or should it close the same speed it opens? I checked the tracks and they are cleaned and freshly greased. Guessing dealer did prior to purchase. Im afraid from reading posts on here that the motor will eventually fail. :(


It seems to me that from pressing down on the popup shade this adds quite a bit of resistance. Is there any reason that is needed? Wouldnt removing that thing and simply adding a low profile wind deflector help a lot so there isnt the resistance?


Is the re-initialization pricess only for fixing the not closing all the way? Mine does close all the way.


Also this is the 1st car Ive had where I have to hold the button down the ENTIRE time for the thing to both open and close. Is there not supposed to be a 1 touch to open and close like the drivers door window ?



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One touch open and the window will open just past 1/2 way (point of least wind noise). Press again and it will continue to open full.

One touch close (not hold) and it will close 5/6 way. You then must hold bottom to close remaining way as safety feature (motor and gear train strong enough to cause injury to a small hand if left in window frame).

If you must hold bottom to open or close, try reset procedure for window to relearn limits. Make absolutely certain all tracks are clear.

Service manual allows use of spray silicon to lube rails.

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Thx Enigma. Pretty sure, I will check tomorrow that even opening it you have to hold the button the entire time.


Opening is ok. Dont really mind that. But Im concerned reading about all the motor issues. Do you know if that carries over to 2013 year. Seems a lot of the posts were 2011 etc. Perhaps its normal but seems slow to close to me. Takes about 18 seconds for the glass to completly close from open.

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I am experiencing the same thing on my new 2015 Ford Edge.


Dealership oiled it and telling me its normal: Another car we tested together is much better. He tested another car on his own and apparently its worse. Don't think i believe him after checking out the forum here.


Really interested to know how carito's vista roof is doing after 5 months

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19 hours ago, Voigt94 said:

Carito, just curious if you figured out your problem. I've had the same issue, really hoping its not a motor issue....

The OP was October 2015.  That person might not even own the vehicle or be a member of the forum any longer.
If you're having the same issue take a look at the easy clean and lube process posted here: https://www.gadgetjq.net/edge/roof/bamr.html



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