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Wheel bearing noise??

Gordon 2135

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Hi, am new to the forum. I just purchased a 2010 Ford Edge and have noticed that when only on the highway, speeds over 60 and after I have been on the road for about 40 miles I am hearing a loud humming. This seems to come and go as far as driving straight forward. It gets more noticeable when turning to the right, turning off the ramp...If I turn left the noise goes away. In town, slower speeds, never hear it. Can this be a wheel bearing? or maybe a CV joint? Car has 94,000. Unsure of the history as far as repairs/replacements.

Thanks in advance for anyone that can point me in the right direction.


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The tires are close to new but is worth looking at. Never at low speeds, or in=town. Both times it did it was on the highway and after 40 miles or so, It was loud going straight, comes and goes, but when you put any pressure to the right turn would get the noise, turn left, goes away. It is a humm, drone type noise. Hopefully just a wheel bearing. So you pick the side the noise does not come from when turning, correct? Right turn leans the weight to the left?

Thanks for your reply, greatly appreciated...

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