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Dashboard Pox

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I have a 2015 SEL and had the dashboard top replaced because it had a blister on the passenger side of the storage bin. I now noticed a blister on the passenger side near the joint with the hard plastic panel that has the defroster grills and headlight sensor in the new dashboard cover. Each blister is about 1" in diameter. I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem, it is difficult to see the blisters with the black dashboard material and would encourage everyone to take a look and see if they have the problem. The delamination will not improve with time.


The other question I have, is after the dashboard was replaced it seems like the defroster panel doesn't seat properly and I noticed it doesn't have enough clips to keep it flat (in sunlight) and the center area is completed unconnected and loose.

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Please find photos attached.


You can see the blister clearly in the photo, it is a bit harder to visually observe so look at your dash at a shallow angle and you will see the deflection if there is any. The spots are also softer than the surrounding dashboard material as well.


The view behind the storage cubby shows the front piece actually sticking up with about a 1/16" gap and it should actually be seated below the back of the cubby. There is also one place where the front piece is slightly raised in front of the driver. There are NO attachment points near the cubby so the deflection can change with temperature and if the part is somehow deformed or not molded properly it will not fit.




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Glad to hear that no one has seen problems. My suspicion is when they replaced the first dash and pulled the replacement from stock it may well have been made at the same time as the original and therefore may have had the same issue. It may also have something to do with some stress on the part when it is packaged.


I have not mentioned the re-occurance to the dealer yet, but I am not expecting any issues with them. I am going to ask them to check with FMC to make sure the issue has been resolved with the supplier.

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