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Help picking new wheel


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I have a 2013 Edge Limited, FWD with the ecoboost. When I bought it, the wheels were a don't care compared with all the other things I was looking for. Now I'm thinking about switching to 18" wheels from the 20" ones that came with it. Problem is, with all the cars I've ever owned, I've never switched wheels so I don't know what to look for (manufacturer, etc) so I'm looking for some help. I've been looking through Tirerack and found 4 possible ones and I would like the groups opinion on them, not necessarily for looks, but more for functionality, strength, and anything else you can think of when picking out wheels.


Here's the four that I've narrowed it down to.


Andros Spec S:



Advanti FS Fastoso (where do they get these names?)



Enkei Performance CUV



Platinum Divine




Thanks for your help.

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I find these two articles on Tire Rack to be pretty helpful in this regard:

Wheel Construction Guide


Alloy vs Steel Wheels (Winter Pkg)





If I absolutely HAD to choose from these 4, it would be between the Andros (best construction process) & the Platinum (heaviest/strongest in its' construction class) based on your criteria. I am biased towards the Andros simply because it kinda looks like the 13+ SHO OEM wheels.


If I could get steelies though, solely for winter purposes, I'd go with that :)


Sizing all looks good. If TireRack says they will fit, you are golden.


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Not if the tire diameters are the same (which they should be). You just get a taller sidewall.


Which I will be doing.


As for why I'm changing, I just don't like the look of the 20" wheels/tires.


Thanks all for your help.

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