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Windshield wiper stopped working


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Hey Guys, I'm hoping someone can help. My windshield wipers dont work when it rains. Only the highest setting seems to work. Manual and low intermittent settings stopped moving or don't work at all. Before it stopped working altogether, the motor seemed to have slowed down and eventually gave up.


When it all dried up/no rain, all settings were working again as normal. Any idea what's causing this?

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Although the multifunction switch is an integral part of the circuit, I would suspect either the wiper motor or the motor connector has corrosion on the terminals.

Try operating the washer and see if it works (circuit runs through the motor).

If the washer circuit works, pull the motor connector and check for corrosion.

If it doesn't work, suspect the motor (contains several electronic components, besides the motor, any of which could be failing. The washer also runs through the same electronics.)

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Thanks guys! Washer works fine even when it rains.


to access the motor, that would mean removing the wipers and plastic cover right? Opened the hood and it all seems to be behind the firewall. Should also be covered under warranty?

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Might want to take off the electrical connector, clean up both sides, put in some dielectric grease, reconnect & see what happens.


Not knowing what year your Edge is, this is what the 2007 FSM shows me:


NOTE: The windshield wiper motor is not serviceable separately. The windshield wiper motor and the mounting arm and pivot shaft must be replaced together.

Wiper Mounting Arm and Pivot Shaft

Removal and Installation

  1. Remove the upper cowl panel grille.
  1. Disconnect the windshield wiper motor electrical connector.
  1. Remove the 2 windshield wiper mounting arm and pivot shaft assembly bolts and the windshield wiper mounting arm and pivot shaft assembly.
    • To install, tighten to 7 Nm (62 lb-in).
  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.


Item Part Number Description

1 17C526 Windshield wiper pivot arm nut cover

2 W708841 Windshield wiper pivot arm nut

3 17526 RH/ 17527 LH Windshield wiper pivot arms

4 W707532 Windshield wiper mounting arm and pivot shaft assembly bolts (2 required)

5 17508 Windshield wiper mounting arm and pivot shaft assembly

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I took it in yesterday and left the car @ the dealership all day! I knew from the get go that it would have been very difficult for the technician to replicate as the wipers dont stop working on the first drop of water. They apparently used a hose for about 5 mins to try and duplicate my complaint but they were not successful. It was a very frustrating experience if I'm being honest as this is one of those situations that dont manifest when you need it to. That being said, I ended up speaking with the service manager and he agreed to order the motor and have it swapped as I stressed a few times that it was a safety issue and snow is just around the corner. He did say that there was no guarantee that this would fix it since they were not able to replicate it. I will take it in again on Saturday and hopefully swapping the motor would take care of this problem.. Will keep you posted

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