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Wiild sound from under dash or hood???


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Wow. Was driving tonight in Phx, on freeway. When I hit 80mph a sound came out of the dash board that sounded like a squirrel cage turning at high speed with a playing card stuck in it. Could it be an issue with the turbo? My Sport has 3900 miles on it.

I have a video but can't figure out how to attach it here. Scared the piss out of me and my wife.

Anyone have this issue?

Thanks. JS

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I assume the cabin filter arrangement is the same for the 2015+. I'd check that first, see if maybe the filter is missing and something has gotten stuck in the blower fan. If you did experience a loss in power, it is worth taking off the engine appearance cover and carefully checking all the hoses to make sure none have come loose or in the process of.


Could you tell if the sound was coming more from the driver or passenger side? Any problems with vermin in your area? They tend to like the more eco-friendly materials used nowadays in automobiles.

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I have am usually at 80 or above in Phx and haven't had any issue in my sport. Maybe check out the "active shutter system" maybe it was transitioning and caused a strange vibration? Don't ask me any more about them though, I am not sure what triggers them or the exact purpose. Can you duplicate it? Doesn't sound like a good thing.

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