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Engine Access or Appearance Cover

gloria's edge

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Hello Everyone,


Purchased a 2008 Ford Edge SEL AWD with approximately 68k miles on it and a 3.5 engine. As strange as it may be, I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with the look of the engine when it dawned on me the engine access/appearance cover is missing.


Does anyone have any thoughts on where I can buy one at a reasonable price?


Look forward to your replies!



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Well, there WAS no appearance cover OEM to the SEL trim line, but if the standoffs are there, you can try EBay or your local junkyards. Look for SEL Plus or Limited trimmed vehicles. The MKX one might fit also, if you don't mind that.

Thanks for the reply! I noticed two "openings" where I thought one would snap into but, was'tn sure.

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Personal preference when I open the hood I want to check the engine and components. The cover requires tools to remove and the back covers are a pain in the but to get on and off. If you did not know there are actually (Two pieces) to the 2011 engine covers and the back piece is a pain. If you have a problem on the side of the road the last thing you want to do is figure out how to get the cover off unless you carry a tool box with you all the time. Just my preference. On that note I have left the engine cover on my wife's 2011 Ford Edge not that she would notice. The cover IMO does nothing other than try to look good. Plus mice love the stuff and will eat it at any opportunity thus baiting them to crawl into your engine and eat your wiring.

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