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first fiberglass enclosure

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so i modified the factory enclosure to fit a ten and it sounded way better than i thought it wouldbut it was lacking about a 1/2 cf of air space which in a sealed enclosure is alot! not to mention it is made out of plastic so here is my first fiberglass enclosure..learned alot about what to do and not to do during this process. but it turned out well and it sounds exactly like it should...very happy with the results










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all in all i spent about 15 to 18 hrs total...it was over a couple day period.it is cold here last couple days so not ideal for drying time.definately learned alot by doing this myself..not to mention i saved approx 500 bucks from buying a stealth box..which will never happen .i want to hear the box you have next to the tire happy hour.i am extremely haPPY with the sound from this enclosure

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nice job. i bet that cutting of the fiberboard took some patience and measuring..i actually decided to paint my enclosyre as well...i am a bit wierd,just knowing the enclosure is behind the panel unfinished gives me anxiety...lol here are a couple pics. i too only painted the front.the back is very form fitted to the vehichle and any added filler or body work will take away from the fitting of the enclosure.







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Sorry for the late response. Attached are a few pics. It was my first attempt at kerf cuts. I only painted what is visible. I'm pleased with the end result (sound-wise).


(sorry if these are too large):







is that a 12"? what is the cf volume in the enclosure? i am imagining you have some time into that ...cutting and fitting and measuring and cutting..etc etc. the back of your edge looks smaller than mine,its obviously just the camera angle but the different carpet and stuff is throwing me off....how does it sound? any flat spots or the range is pretty good?

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It's a 10" (ID10). I'm very pleased with the sound. It was a major pain to cut all the angles, etc. I'm still a little paranoid with attempting fiberglass. I'm not too positive on the volume. I didn't measure when it was finished. I'm guessing it's around .5-.7 cuft -- which is just right for this sub. I'm pushing it with an Arc Audio Class D (3-ch). Here's where the amp & LOC sit:




Your box looks great.

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