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  1. Nice. Let us know how long it lasts. I can always get my daughter's old Civic lenses clean, but keeping them that way is the challenge. I've used, PlastX, toothpaste, Ultimate Compound, etc. All of them work to make them "clear".
  2. There's not much for the 2.0. There's a few drop-in filters, and that's about it. You could do custom exhaust, but 4-bangers just do not sound great. I once had a Magnaflow on a 2.0 Neon, and it wasn't too bad. Check out some videos of Mavericks, Fusions, and similar vehicles with aftermarket exhausts on the 2.0 EB.
  3. I would assume it would be close to tuned Edge Sports. I don't think too many are tuning Lincolns. I'd leave it stock until the warranty is out. They run good from the factory. I had one as a loaner once.
  4. Thanks for the detailed vid mjenne6. Holy cow -- that's way involved to install a catch can. This is a 3 min install on a Hemi Ram. Thinking I'll skip this mod...
  5. 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. We bought it new, and it now has 42k miles. It's great in the snow -- especially with severe snow-rated tires. It's a great vehicle. The Edge rides nicer, is more quiet, and has more interior cargo and passenger space (although the Edge looks smaller). We've had 0 issues with the Jeep. It's highway MPGs aren't any better than my previous Hemi Ram (rwd). The wife gets around 19 mpg mixed-city driving.
  6. '92 Mustang LX Hatchback (2.3L) '97 Explorer Sport '98 Explorer XLT '97 F150 XL Flareside '00 Explorer XLS '04 Freestar S '07 Mercury Mariner FWD '07 Fusion SE '08 Mercury Mariner AWD '08 Sport Trac V8 '10 Focus SES '10 Lincon MKZ AWD Ultimate '14 Edge SEL FWD '15 Lincoln MKC FWD Reserve '17 Fusion SE AWD '21 Edge SE AWD (current)
  7. I'm back with a new '21 SE AWD in Lithium Grey. I had a '14 SEL FWD when I was previously on here. I traded an '18 Ram 1500 for the Edge. I really like it thus far. I've had the 2.0 EB in an MKC and Fusion. It pairs better with the 8-speed. I'm amazed at all the standard features of the '21 -- especially the 12" center stack. My '14 SEL didn't even have a back-up camera. I've already browsed through a lot of the newer posts. I've had my Edge 10 days, and added 20% ceramic tint and floor liners. Today I picked up the Ford hood deflector and cargo liner with the Ford Pass points. I've had a Maverick on order since 12/17. It still isn't scheduled for build, so it will be months and months yet (or turn into a 2023 model). I saw the Edge at a local dealer, and decided to go a different route.
  8. Welcome! Love the Sports.
  9. Like others have said, I would purchase the factory accessory grill inserts, and have them painted. It would last much longer than painting the chrome. Looks great MsolraC13. Do you recall how much it was to paint them? I've had 2 quotes, and they both seem pretty high. They are $235-277. That's with me walking in with the inserts, and walking out with them (installing myself).
  10. If you aren't ever planning on an amp, look for mid-level, mainstream brands, that have a high sensitivity.
  11. I have the same AEM that mac has. It was a somewhat of a tight fit, but it's supposed to be. I didn't have too struggle much.
  12. Way too big for the Hunda, and I'd hate to feel the affect of the 100# at each corner for braking and acceleration on that.
  13. It's a 10" (ID10). I'm very pleased with the sound. It was a major pain to cut all the angles, etc. I'm still a little paranoid with attempting fiberglass. I'm not too positive on the volume. I didn't measure when it was finished. I'm guessing it's around .5-.7 cuft -- which is just right for this sub. I'm pushing it with an Arc Audio Class D (3-ch). Here's where the amp & LOC sit: Your box looks great.
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