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2015 with 3k, black "SYNC" screen with "error App" dialogue box


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Don't know what happened, last Friday SYNC screen looked to be updating it self then eventually went all Black with a Dialogue box that Says Application Error. Feels just like when I'm at the office and we get the "blue death screen". At least there I can call IT and get it fixed.


I called Ford, they said bring it in, I asked if I could just disconnect the battery to reset it myself and he warned me not to do that. I then called my selling dealer and he said not to do that as it will erase some codes. I made an appointment for next week. I find this very annoying for a new car.

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I have no issue with the coffee or donuts but if I spent $40 K on a new car and 3K down the road the whole entertainment system went belly up, I would walk into the head of sales and dealer management and ask very pointedly and in a teacher voice if that is what type of product they sell and if that is what type of service this dealer brings to the table. I would also ask whose demo I was driving until they fixed the problem? I would also ask if management runs the agency or if service runs the agency?

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