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easy exit easy entry seat position

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Then once that is enabled, set your mirrors, seat position. Then press and hold the "1" button (I have a 2011 and its right there next to the head light switch) you'll hear a soft "bing" and its set. It should happen when you enter or exit or press the "1" button.


A 2nd setting can be set to the "2" button. And I'm assuming that what ever was the last active button (1 or 2) will be the one that gets set when you enter the vehicle.

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If you have the PDF version of the owner's manual you can use the search function to find all references to "easy entry".


On the left menu, with the left buttons on the steering wheel, press left a few times to get out of the screen you're on. Make sure your Edge is running and in Park.


There should be several options:

- Display Mode

- Trip 1 & 2

- Fuel Economy

- Driver Assist

- Settings


Use the Up/Down arrows on the left side of the steering wheel to choose settings.


If you still don't see these options, do you see the MyKey indicator on? That might be why options are locked out.

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The 2015 manual says on page 137 about easy entry/exit, see page 98. Going to page 98 there is nothing about easy entry. Also, going to the left message center there is no category "settings."


Page 98 is just the beginning of the section - if you go to page 105 or so it very clearly shows you the setting for easy/entry/exit.


My guess is you're not on the main menu on the left hand screen - hit the left button until you see Settings, then select Vehicle and easy/entry/exit.

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