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Disappearing back-up guidelines grrrr


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My 2011 Ford Edge has been great since day one. However last month, I had my backup guidelines suddenly disappear. I came online and read many things from people with not only Edges but also F150's who had the same problem. I did go into the settings screen as someone suggested and it shows that they are on and you can even see them pictured there on the screen but when I put the car into reverse, they don't show up. Took the car into the dealer last month to have an alignment done and while it was there, I had them check it out. They reconfigured the camera, I believe, and I had my back up lines once again. I was thrilled. That lasted a month and the other day, I came out of work on a rainy day, put the car in reverse and my lines were suddenly gone again! What's up with that? Car isn't under warranty anymore and it was costly just to have the dealer reconfigure the camera. I love the lines but don't want to pay that out to keep getting the lines back. Wish there was something I could do on my end. Anyone have any thoughts? Maybe I'll just have to continue on without the lines. Other than that, the camera works fine.

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I had lost the guidelines with the update in the summer of 2015 and then my camera would intermittently fail. A couple of months ago the image went upside down. I took it to the dealer to have the APIM replaced, pursuant to a TSB, and they said the APIM was fine so they would not replace it, and the issue with the upside down camera was the camera itself. Quoted me $458 to replace the camera! I purchased an OEM camera for $128 and replaced it myself...took 15 minutes. While the image is now correct, I still do not have the guidelines. I have toggled the camera settings, and pulled and reset the CB, but still no guidelines.


Are the guidelines generated from the camera, APIM, or neither?

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