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How do I track my build?

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The only websites I know of are:







None of them can find my car by either order # or VIN and I have had my VIN for several weeks and I already can generate a window sticker. My build is scheduled for early January. I am not sure if those sites will ever work for me.


I'd recommend PM'ing FordService once a week at most to get updates. Tricia is great and always very friendly and knowledgeable.

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There are employees at blueovalforums.com that will track it for you if you follow the rules. But honestly - your dealer has all the same information available to them and you're paying them, so make your sales droid get updates for you.

Unless you're unlucky like me and your salesperson refuses to give accurate updates. Mine claimed that it was still in processing until the day I sent them my window sticker. By then it was already scheduled to a day. it was scheduled to a week several weeks before that. But yes, ask your dealer first. FordService is monitored by only one person for the most part.

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I can get a copy of the window sticker, but no updates since June 1st. Tried dealer, no luck on new information. I'm looking for build date or shipping info.

My VIN is 2FMPK4K84GBC06591 Thnks if you can help.



Have you tried contacting fordservice on twitter ? they have been super helpful and responsive to me.

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