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Finally Pulled the Trigger on a 2016 Sport

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I dropped the 21 inch wheels at the last minute and opted for the standard 20’s. I stopped by my tire guy and we had a chat. Seems a decent tire on the 21 inch side is $100.00 to $150.00 more than the 20’s. The cost was not the only issue. This is my first all AWD car and the thought of having to replace one tire means possibly having to replace 4 tires was a big concern. We also get some snow up here, not much, but some so I thought the 20’s would do better. I also test drove both the 20’s and 21’s and found the 21’s to be a bit rougher riding and that along with the stiffer suspension, well I just thought we would get a bit better/smoother ride. We are in our mid to late 60’s so I don’t want to feel like I am in my one ton. I really like the black rims so an alternative could be to powder coat the 20’s which will cost about $600.00 or for the same price as the 21’s I can get new black 20 inch Rims. If I do that I can sell the standard 20’s. I hope I made a good decision. My wife liked both rims so left it up to me and the 20’s do tie into the exhaust and those beautiful tail lights. I thought it was the prudent thing to do. Now the wait begins.

Thanks for all the help on this forum….It is appreciated.

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