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Finally got the long awaited Edge but with troubles!

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I hate to hear about your troubles... I wonder if there is a leak? I know you thought someone left a window down, but it could also be a leak...


I would ask for a new car at this point. I would be worried about mold and mildew forming.


You paied for a new un-damaged car. That is what you should get....

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What? If my edge showed up after a 3-5 month wait to get with all those problems I would of told them to start looking for another one or order me another one. If they refused I would of gone to another dealership.


As far as the mold issue? Back in the end of Summer my wifes 2003 Jetta's sunroof drains came disconnected (that's what they told us happened) and it POURED for two days straight and then sat there for a day or two. Unfortunately the rain came in and got the carpet wet and sat out in the heat for a day or two before we knew. We took it to the dealership which is about 20+ Minutes from my house and they fixed the drain and "CLEANED" the carpet. Still smelled. Two weeks later we took it back and they did chemical cleaning. Smelled better but still smelled. Within a couple of weeks it smelled bad again. Not as bad as it originally was but it made me wease and sneeze and when I got out of the car I smelled mildew on my clothing (great when you go into work). I called them and told them it it is still there (the smell) and that it's now a health issue. Well they ordered me new carpet and I finally was able to take it to get it put in last week (yes, 3-4 months since the problem started but due to protocol they couldn't change the carpet until the tried what VW wants them to try first). They called me after they had it for a day and had to order padding as well (used to be part of the carpet kit and they didn't know it was included). He said the padding still had moisture in it and no mater what it probably might never dry.


They pulled everything out of the car cleaned it, cleaned the heating systems, clean the the seats (just smelled), cleaned head liner (didn't have mold or mildew just the odor got stuck in the head liner). ANYTHING fabric they cleaned. They had it for almost a week to make sure it was cleaned and very very very dry before they even installed the carpet.


Why didn't I freak out? Because it's a lease and we've had the car for over three years. We (my wife and I) realize that the car was in an accident so possibly the impact caused the drain to disconnect. VW knew about the accident and our dealership did the repair. They think it just came loose.


The smell is 99% better. However, my wife made the comment that she thinks that she still smells the mildew smell a little bit. I think it's just from the car seat and told her to pull it into the garage with the windows down for the next couple of weeks. Either way, she's fine with the repair and will just make sure that the floor isn't wet today (seeing it's raining today and last night).


My point of the story? You have a car that had wet carpet the DAY THAT YOU WENT TO LOOK AT IT. So, if your buying this car that smell, unless the caught it right away, will be with you until you sell the car. Call them and DEMAND they remove the seats, rip out the carpet and padding and do a chemical cleaning of the heating system and the interior of the car and the seats and install the new carpet and padding.


May I ask? How many miles were on your car? I had about 25 w/ a sticker on it that "FORD MOTOR RANDOMLY SELECTED YOUR VEHICLE AND TESTED IT W/ 25 MILES ON IT" (something like that). If you have over 50+ miles on it I would be willing to bet that your dealership had that car the day that you found out that it shipped and demoed it. Someone left the window open after driving it around for a week. I'm just assuming something but they seem to know that there were problems w/ it the day that they told you it showed up.


Good luck. Get it fixed. After it's fixed enjoy it. I love mine so far.



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"tweakfrek88 edited them, don't know why"??


Edited...??!!! So what??


Let's hear why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they were removed!!!


So far, his posts were less than stellar about his Edge experiences.


Does that require the posts to be removed????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How does this translate into removed posts???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Looks like, I removed negative posts, because I do not like negativity!!!


I think we deserve an explanation!!!!



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