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Brake Upgrade Reasearch

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This topic will be for those of us that either really push the car on mountain roads ( *cough Xtra *cough* ) or have high HP goals and need to stop our tank of a vehicle and are currently finding our stock braking inadequate for our needs. Keep an eye on the OP as I will update with findings as we go


Goal: to find a stock caliper upgrade from another ford or like vehicle for our suv.




What vehicles share our front spindle?

What is the bolt spacing for out calipers along with the offset?

What is our disc brake backspacing?


- Special K OUT :rockon::rockon:

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Not that much. I was thinking like if there was some OEM takeoffs that would fit from a Taurus or something. I know they have an upgraded brake kit on the SHO as an option.


Definitely NOT looking to spend $3k+.


I think a rotor and pad upgrade is what Ill be aiming for... or take off performance package brakes from an ST if anyone actually removes them

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