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Exhaust help...


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Today my flex pipe blew. I took it in to get checked and I have two options but wanted to get some feedback.


They can fix the flex pipe for $85 or I can get a new set-up for $300.


The picture shows my current set-up and the new set-up they'll install. They would be installing the new flex pipe, new muffler where the resonator was and a wye pipe to connect to my stock tips for $300. The muffler is a Magnaflow 11235.


Any recommendations on the new set-up and or new muffler.....2012 Egde Limited AWD 3.5




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repair it. if you end up with a bunch of drone you just pooped away a bunch of money. believe me, I fabricated a custom exhaust for mine and the drone is a kick in the ears. my set up is almost identical to the one they suggested to you:


magnaflow muffler in place of the stock resonator, straight pipes from there to the tips.


without an additional muffler in the rear the cabin is completely filled with noise at any steady cruising rpm.


keep in mind i'm not some grumpy old man sack that hates loud cars. I did this exhaust because I've been a hot rod guy my whole life, the louder the better. I changed my mind after this set-up.

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