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Re-calibration of backup cam gridlines MFT 3.08 (I think!)

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This is to start a new thread about troubles recalibration of the backup cam to restore gridlines on a 2011 Limited AWD although I'm sure the procedure is applicable to all Gen 1.5 and probably some others.


So after downloading and installing Forscan on my laptop I obtained a USB wired OBDII ELM327 module from OHP Tools on Amazon. Shipping was prompt and the unit works great. Just search on OHP ELM327 on Amazon and it will come up.

Last night I recalibrated the backup cam and the gridlines were restored! Yay! There are numerous vids on utoob on how to do this so I won't go over it here. This morning I drove away thinking that all was fine. Later in the day it was necessary to shift into reverse and the gridlines had now disappeared again! WTF? I just went out and did another recalibration and the gridlines have once again reappeared. Later tonight I think I will drive around the block and shift into reverse at some point to see if the gridlines stay there.


I'm beginning to think I have gremlins in my MFT software. Ghosts in the machine, as it were, simply to annoy me!


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How could loss of gridlines be an indication of a camera end of life? The video performance of the camera seems to be functioning fine. The digital overlay of the gridlines is the problem. I'm not sure how losing the digital overlay might indicate a camera issue. But hey, could mean anything at this point!! If the camera does become non-functional at least there are replacement cameras available that meet OEM spec and now that I have Forscan and the ELM327 device I can get it calibrated.

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Well I guess that I am not destined to have gridlines anymore. They were there and worked fine this morning but just a bit ago when I left work they were once again gone. Oh well, I'm tired of re-calibrating the cam just to have them disappear again. I'm done. At least I have an ELM327 device and learned how to use Forscan.

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My 2011 is out of warranty and the dealership will charge me an arm and a leg to get it fixed. Cost doesn't justify the need for gridlines.

All service work comes with a warranty.


Get a quote and see if its worth making it their baby - can't see it being more than 30 to 60 minutes.

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