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2012 Ford SEL 2.0 Eco boost Canister Purge Valve


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Hello everyone,


Last week I have a Code ( check engine light come up) on my 2012 Ford edge SEL. I have 2.0 eco boost.


I went to auto zone and the code that was read stated I need a canister purge valve.


I bought the valve on rock auto. Today I tried to install this & I looked all over online and within my engine.


I can not find where to install this thing. ANY HELP??????


I have attached the picture on the canister purge valve I have bought.







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TBH, I could not begin to tell you. Ford simply refers to these bundles as hose assemblies and it is up to you to guess if it is the right one.


A trip to the dealer is in order, I think. Take pics of the part in question so they can identify it easier. Look for stamped part numbers on the hoses and components.

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