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Alternator not charging battery on my ford Edge 2012


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Planned to go out this morning, so i started my Ford Edge 2012 SEL and had a check charging system light on. I did a quick check and discovered that the alternator was not charging the battery. Battery voltage was 11.4v with engine running. I disconnected the voltage regulator (3 pin plug) that connects to the alternator and tested for voltage on the terminals. One terminal had voltage equal to the battery voltage but the other 2 terminals had no voltage. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem? is my alternator bad?

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any codes in the computer? about 3v too low at 2,000 rpm, and about 1.2V too low at idle. Did you check the voltage between the B+ terminal and the positive battery terminal. The test to ground at battery voltage is fine. But maybe there is a drop between the B+ terminal on the alternator to battery positive terminal connection.


Also slow charge the battery overnite with a battery tender see if it holds a charge.


Any electrical gremlins with the CD player, shifter or door latch?

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