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A/C not draining

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My wife is complaining that it smells musty when she turns the system on.


The A/C works - but no there is no condensation dripping from the car on an 80 degree day - which means it is collecting in the evap housing under the dash.


The drain line must be clogged - but I have no idea where it is located to work on it. Unfortunately the dealer cannot get the car in for another week, I was hoping to unclog this Saturday.

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Ok - Finally had a chance to crawl under the car when it was completely cool.


Looking from the underside at the transmission tunnel there is a heat shielding material. (Not a metal heat shield- that is further forward)


I was able to place my hand flat inside this area. The back of this heat shield material was was completely soaked with water. So - I know the drain is somewhere in this area, but I was not able to find it. Without damaging the material and no obvious way to unfasten - I left it alone.


The fact that there is water - tells me it's draining, but it sure seems like a bad idea to place the drain exit behind this heat shield material.


Sorry I could not provide more info.

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