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2018 Seat Fan Noise

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I just got a new 2018 Edge on Saturday and love it but one odd thing just started happening today. When I crank up the seat cooling to max you can really hear the fan whirring. I swear I had the seat cooling on high before today and never remember hearing anything.


I don't know how it's related but the night before I did upgrade my Sync from 2.3 to 3.0. Anybody else have loud ventilated seats?



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The OP noticed that the fan was speeding up and slowing down on heated seats.


I was letting my car idle while the better half was in the store and became aware of the same thing, when on heated seats, the fan goes to high, then to low (or off - gets quiet) and repeats. Kind of a whoosh, quiet, whoosh, quiet, etc.


On seat cool, it's on high 100% of the time.

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