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Advance trac, abs, trac control

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So had oil change then days later all these warnings popped up anyone have these issues or no whst would cause them to pop up . Dont teally notice much difference in driving but I dont want to pay $200 just to tell me whats wrong then still have to fix it please help also its a 2011 Ford Edge sport with 95000 miles

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As far as I know it was just the typical oil change I dont even think it was the works where they check other stuff. But could an oil stick really cause this? I mean my breaks I feel always are shit and dont stop the car that great but they say everything is normal with that. But I really dont want to spend $200 just to figure out the problem then to have it fixed . I really dont think its a big issue because it drives like it always has. But typical my ext warranty exp and everything goes wrong when they supposedly looked everything over before it ran out

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The first thing to check is the codes (as Akirby stated). All of these faults are related to the PCM.


If the service AdvanceTrac warning indicator light comes on, this could be an indication of several issues.


A faulty wheel-speed sensor

A faulty steering-angle sensor

A faulty rotational-speed sensor

An issue with the steering rack

Something that is lodged in one of the wheels

The AdvanceTrac system needs to be reprogrammed

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Thanks for all the info I think Im goin to try disconnecting the battery as stated first and see if that helps. If not I will try to find somewhere that I can get the codes ran , Ford wont do it without charging a diognostic fee and its minimum hour labor cost. Like I said the car drives fine so I dont think its major but who knows. But I always felt like the abs system in these areas are junk and ford will say its fine even when it takes a crazy amount of power to stop the car ahhh. Thanks I will update you guys when I try the battery. Also if you guys have options on cheaper places to get codes checked or pcm reprogrammed or whatever please let me know because ford just wants to get as much mo eh as they can

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