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2010 ford edge - intermittent starting - throwing no codes

Steve Meade

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We have a 2010 ford edge 3.5l.


I is having an intermittent start issue and throwing no codes.


the battery is good, and I believe the fuel pump is fine, because it will start most of the time.


it will intermittently just turn over and never fire..... seems to happen mainly when vehicle is already hot/warmed up.


I thought it was my mass airflow perhaps, so I pulled it, cleaned it with MAF cleaner and still is an issue.  I even just bought a replacement MAF sensor, replaced it, and then the sonofabitch started chugging and throwing codes - so I'm assuming the part I got was bad (amazon order).


I've heard it could be the evap purge valve, fuel pump, mass-air-flow, and event the bank 1 or 2 sensors for the catalytic system.  I took the throttle body off too, and cleaned the heck out of it (very dirty before)... NOTHING.


I haven't tested fuel pressure yet - need to buy a tester, and haven't tried vacuum pressure yet - need a tester for that.. will buy both and test if necessary - just wanting some general thoughts and feedback here to perhaps help me find it... hell one day we even had to have it towed to a Goodyear Auto Center and the damned error wouldn't duplicate for them and they found nothing - of course after I suffered a tow and diagnostic fee.








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18 minutes ago, Steve Meade said:

And on this car there are two of those sensors, would the test identify the one having issues... Or should I replace both of them?

You could have a pending code that hasn't met all the criteria to set the DTC to present. If it was something like a starter or alternator, you may not see a code at all

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