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Noob to the Forum, looking for assistance. 

I've been trying to research a brake problem on my wife's 2014 Edge with 42k miles, and i'm unable to Find any similar posts. 

A days ago she was coming to a stop, and just as the vehicle was at around 5 mph, The pedal "pushed up" and the brakes disengaged for a second, and then re-engaged. This is an intermitant issue, that happens randomly. i drove it trying to replicate the problem, and  it happened two times. Its a strange feeling, almost like the pedal is pushing back. 

I did a visual check of the brake components, front and back and everything looked good. I consider myself fairly handy, and do most of my own repairs, but this one has me stumped. so before i start to throw parts at it, i'm hoping for a little insight. 

Thank you in advance for your help. 


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Welcome to the forum!


Check out MACT Garage!  MACT has taken his edges to 200K+ miles and beyond. Chances are if it has gone wrong MACT has fixed it. If it will go wrong MACT has prevented it. 


We have plenty of skillful and helpful members here that will do what they can to help to sort you out. 

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Have you had the TSB performed on your Edge?  It should still be covered and turned out to be my issue. I would be willing to bet this is the cause of your problem as well. Free to have Ford check the problem, just mention this TSB number when taking it in:



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