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2016 Edge Titanium AWD

Bumped the Panic Button - Turning it off not Intuitive

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It's 6:00 AM and I'm quietly moving the Edge over so the painter can park in the driveway.


Removed his step ladder from our garage and must have bumped the panic button in my pocket.


Pressing the red button while listening to this thing puke it's guts out didn't do a thing. I was ready to shoot the damned thing.


I had to walk up to the vehicle and open the driver's door, although apparently any number of things might have stopped the alarm, locking / unlocking, opening a door, etc, but NOT the red panic button, REALLY??  The driver's door is now laying on the road in front of our house. The remains of this frickin' vehicle with shotgun holes in it can be seen at the local junk yard.


But seriously, any vehicle with factory alarm we've ever owned was disabled by re-pressing the red panic button.


Really seems counter-intuitive to not program it that way.


Good morning, Happy Saturday ... where's my coffee??


PS - We bought this new to us Ford Edge in June and this is the first (and now last time) the panic button has / will go off!

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Maybe there's something wrong with your fob?  The owner's manual (mine's also a '16) says a second press of the panic button will turn the alarm off.

Copy/Paste from the manual:

"Sounding a Panic Alarm
Note: The panic alarm will only operate when the ignition is off. E138624
Press the button to activate the alarm. Press the button again or switch the ignition on to deactivate.

Next time I'm in a spot where the horn won't annoy anyone I'll give the panic button a try to see if my experience is the same as yours.



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That's a good point.


I retraced my steps and what happened yesterday. I had just moved the vehicle over in my driveway to make room for the painter. I'm pretty sure I locked the Edge with the FOB after the move.


Then I walked into the garage to retrieve the extension ladder and step ladder. The moment I had the step ladder in my hands and turned around, the alarm went off. I was 20 feet from the vehicle. It was dead still outside. The garage overhead door was open and I was in straight line of sight with the Edge, maybe 20 feet away at the back of the garage. I pressed the red button once, ... nothing ... pressed it again two seconds later ... nothing ... I must have pressed it 4 times in a 10 second period ...


Now I'm starting to get that 'patience be damned, I'm going to kill something!' feeling and finally walked over to the Edge and opened the door. It stopped immediately, but by then half my neighbors were awake!


My son tested it two different ways later, and it worked both times. At this point I'm not even convinced that having the FOB in my front pants pocket, or that accidentally bumping the FOB with the step ladder even happened, causing it to go off, since intentionally pressing it didn't yield immediate results.  


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First of all, it's NOT a panic alarm. It's a parking lot car locator. 🔊


I thought you were supposed to hit the unlock button to disable the alarm. As its 1:30 in the morning around here, I believe I'll wait until tomorrow to test this.

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7 hours ago, enigma-2 said:

First of all, it's NOT a panic alarm. It's a parking lot car locator. 🔊



Nah, that's what the remote open for the hatch is for.  Press the button, hatch opens to signal 'over here' ;)
Alternative, use Google Maps (or another app) to automatically save your parked location.

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