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My 2012 edge has brakes that are going all the way to the floor and i cant stop also the idle is very low it almost dies at stop lights. I connected the ObD2 sensor in and it gave me 2 codes the P2195 and the P2197. It says its my O2 sensor but I read somewhere else that a person had the same problem with theirs and they replaced the o2 sensor and it didnt help so he said it could be a bad vacuum hose? Can anyone please tell me what the problem could be and should i try the hose or the O2 sensor?

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Based upon your Edge's low brake pedal that probably results in braking very harshly and swiftly at full bottom, as well as the engine's stumbling idle that is on the verge of stalling out, I suspect the brake booster diaphragm has torn, especially if you can hear a hissing noise when applying the brakes.


Input your vehicle's VIN at this website https://www.etis.ford.com/vehicleRegSelector.do and click on  "Search" to determine if Customer Satisfaction Program 13N102 Brake Booster Warranty Extension (link to direct PDF download of Program description letter) is shown under the Outstanding Field Service Actions listing.


This Program extends warranty coverage on brake booster failures on certain 2010-to-2013 Edge/MKX within a specific range of build dates, for 10 years of service or 150,000 miles beyond the original warranty start date, whichever occurs first, for a one-time replacement.


If your Edge is eligible for this extended warranty Program, contact your local Ford dealer and schedule your vehicle in to have the brake booster checked.


If your Edge is anything like our 2012 MKX when its brake booster failed, be careful if you choose to drive it to the dealership.


Our MKX was borderline unsafe to drive when the diaphragm tear finally increased, but fortunately, it was a short drive there for me.


The brake booster replacement was done free of charge with nearly 90,000 miles on our MKX.


A past discussion of owner vehicle symptoms & Program experiences can be found here...


Good luck!

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