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Best way to get scratch out of console?

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I came across some small scuffs/scratches on the center console, on the lip below the sync screen. It’s a black interior so they stick out when the light hits right. Is there any safe way or product to cover or buff these scratches out? I saw some videos on the meguiars Plastix that seems promising. My concern is that this plastic is rigid, but seems like it’s a softer type of plastic. I don’t want to “over correct”, plus It’s easier to creep up on the desired finish and get it to blend. 

Any recommendations or tips appreciated!


Also I uploaded a few clips of the scratches to give a better idea, and they’re hard to spot in the picture but the plastic texture makes them more pronounced to the naked eye. 



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As long as the visual defect is from the disturbance of the stipple finish and not the result of color-change within the furrow of the scratch...


I'd be tempted to try overlaying the entire shelf-face with touchscreen protective film, which is fairly rigid, available in non-glare finish, would resist future scratches, and should be easily removable if it didn't work out.


Hopefully, the continuity of the protective film's surface would eliminate the visibility of the scratches.


Web-searching touchscreen protective film yields a variety of sources of tablet & laptop sized self-adhering sheets, which could be trimmed to size using a satisfactory self-created template.


Good luck!


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I'd use protectant on it to minimize the effect.  This is the type of scratch that WILL look worse if I try to "fix" it. 

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