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ISO: Aftermarket Parts Edge Sport


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Hi everyone I'm new to the Ford Edge and I'm looking for some parts for me 2017 Edge Sport. I'm Located in New Jersey and willing to pay for shipping:



- All weather trunk mat

- Intake 

- Intercooler

- Brakes 


I know some of you guys have been hoarding parts LOL. Whatever else you have, just let me know at 707-803-8551. Thank you.


- Brandon



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On 10/11/2023 at 7:43 AM, gainesb2003 said:

Just got the Carfield Enterprise front strut bar off Ebay. That thing makes a difference in how my Sport handles on turns and just overall confidence in driving. They should have come that way stock. 


Still looking for parts. 

Did you buy the entire kit, or were you able to buy the strut brace without the other pieces?

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3 hours ago, garycrist said:

I see you purchased a Carfield Enterprise front strut bar. How hard are they to install?

Not hard at all. You just gotta work around some front cowl clearance issues. Meaning its just a tight fit and sucks getting full turns on wrenches/ratchets. Took about 30 mins. Its Not impossible and definitely firms up the steering and cornering. 

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