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Dual DVD monitors.

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never seen them here.. people have done several installs here, but do not think this one as most of those done here do not perfectly match (down to the stitch color) this product. so, I alone, like that aspect as the others seem close in color, but totally off in stitch color - not to mention all the package attributes.. IF I was in the market, on first quick review/glance, I would give these serious consideration.



so what, do you work for them ;)

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Nope. Yeah, if the color doesn't match perfectly, I'll be pissed. I wonder how easy the "2 wire" installation is going to be. I have read several write ups and it seems much more involved. I guess I will be the "guinea pig" for this set-up.


So did you take the plunge and install these units yet? Would love to hear about it and see some photos...

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