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Steeda cold air

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as far as I know, you will be the first here. several of us have expressed interest, but when it finally came out last month (1) the actual cost and (2) the fact to really get the benefits you must use a tune they claim or why do it (so see #1) and (3) they never posted nor responded with any performance numbers if you used the insert so as to not have to pop for and/or use a tune I think really made many shy away right now? I know I did. Just cannot afford that kind of coin and to be honest, not 100% interested in even starting to mess with tunes. The price if the CAI is not so bad really, but to get the great numbers they post you must use a tune (and thus have a tuner and those are not cheap).


did you pop for the whole package? just the CAI and no tuner? or already have a tuner?


post up photos and any install tips/issues.. but I do not think it will be a hard install at all.

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before they said this "Testing has shown gains of up to 35hp and 27ft/lbs of torque at the wheels when running this system without the insert using a custom tune" they use to say that you "must run a tune" with their CAI or could damage the engine. then, it seems, after the fact, they added that 'sleeve'.


you should read the other thread on Steeda here as they were pretty clear about the minimal to no benefit they believed from a CAI unless you did a tune, so I, for one, was rather surprised when they amended their product offering and added that "sleeve" option. I suspect it was the fact it is a very hard sell - nearly $700 - to do the whole package whereas just the CAI is not overly pricey so they made the decision to do the sleeve... but have not responded to any inquires about numbers for their CAI without a tune.


nevertheless.. I am excited to hear what you have to say for (1) quality (2) ease of install and of course (3) any truly 'noticeable' benefits. be sure to take note of your computers current average MPG to see if any changes there as any torque or power changes will just have to be via feel obviously.

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I'll sell my xcal3 tuner for $150. I dumped the Edge, was sick of the stinking PTU leak smell and after 3rd seal I had enough. When I spoke to Steeda, one guy said he would throw in a tune if I bought the intake. I just sold my xcal2 to a guy on the F150 forum and may post this one as well if my bro don't want to tune his F250. Bought an 09 Ram and there won't be a tune for this available for at least 6 months or so and probably not SCT.

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If it's like Steeda's any other setups, and I'm thinking it has to be, then you don't have to have it tuned to use just the Steeda CAI. Your factory tune will readjust to handle the new airflow.


I'm rather sure you'll notice a significant difference with the CAI and without the tune, but you'll notice a holy crap difference with the tune.

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