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Frame Damage


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I purchased a Certified Used Edge SEL AWD from a dealership last Saturday. Today I noticed some damage underneath the vehicle.


Attached to the frame, behind both front tires is a thick welded metal piece that runs horizontally next to where the front tires attach to the frame. This piece looks fine and unused on the passenger side of the vehicle, but on the drivers side, it is bent upwards, has a major scrape and the piece is tearing off of the frame.


I don't know what this piece is used for, or if it needs to be used at all. Can someone help identify it?


Damaged Driver Side Wheel




Damaged Driver Side Wheel Close Up




Normal Passenger Side Wheel




Normal Passenger Side Wheel Close Up


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almost looks like an engine mount. I suspect it is used in the factory to hold the frame while assembly?


no matter what, I would go back and get that on record ASAP as that will continue to crack through over time and could split that rail as it moves up towards the top. NO DOUBT that needs welding up and addressed. no doubt! it would take a heck of a force to rip that mount open like a tin can like that. how is your alignment?

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Thanks homie,


Im def going to take it in and have them re-weld it. I was just not sure what exactly that piece of the frame was for.


My alignment is fine, I do not think the frame itself is damaged. I will have them look at it nontheless.

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I would make sure that you have actual paperwork calling it certified used. When I bought my used Blazer seven years ago the certified thing was sort of new and the dealership that I had bought many cars from and my family had bought cars from for over 20 years had the gall to tell me it was certified. When I had problems GM was quick to let me know it was not! Luckily I had bought the extended warranty. Whatever that is that you took a picture of should not look like that if it is supposed to be refurbished to new condition, which is what certified means.

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