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Ford Extended Warranty (Canada)


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I am contemplating buying extended warranty for my '11 Edge AWD Limited which I will take delivery in a few days. I have 2 main issues I would like to ask for feedback on the subj., especially since it would the first time I would buy an extended warranty. Usually I don't believe in extended warranties but this is a vehicle full of electronics... and also recently my father-in-law plasma broke right after the 2-year warranty expired.:o


1. The first really important point is the price.

From my research in Canada the Ford ESP price is incredibly higher compared with US. I was quoted $3850 cad - for 7yrs/150k kms Premium Care - with $100 deductible I believe - I hope tax in :)

I found only one online dealer that offered the same for 3200-3500 depending on the deductible so basically no improvement. From what I read such an US ESP goes for less than 2k - actually $1500-$1800.


I was wondering what pricing experience did you guys have with Ford ESP, especially in Canada.


The best price I found mentioned for Ford ESP in Canada was for an F-150, the guy mentioned he paid $1920 cad for a 31k vehicle.


2. The second important point is if it's worth to buy one and if worth to buy now.

I am looking to keep the car around 5 years, ideally 7. I am also aware that lots of things change during 5-7 years.

I could buy now or within a year, then as far as I know the price increases after each year. Or I could decide to buy before the factory warranty expires depending on the kms at the time and # of 'incidents' :).

Does anybody know the pricing levels depending on the moment the extended warranty is bought?

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